Porta Galleria is a rising interior design force in the Philippine landscape. Our company name literally translates to “The Door to the Gallery” in Italian, curating through out the world for the best of the best interior design and to find the most unique pieces worth adding to our “Curatorium”.

Our showroom houses the world’s most celebrated creators of furniture, lamps, furniture, fabrics and decors, among others. View our Collections page to check some of our bestsellers and new items. Visit our Makati Showroom to appreciate our unique interior design pieces and themes, most of which have found their home in some of the country’s most prestigious hotels, resorts and residences..




Customized Interiors, Lighting and Artifacts

Each interior design is unique, so we welcome customization in your orders. Do you want your item to be taller, in a different color, texture, fabric or finish? We are attentive to your requests, and open to consider the possibilities.

Sourcing and Procurement

Porta Galleria is your partner in maximizing your project budget, no matter how high or tight it may be. Backed by our long list of trusted artisan masters, individual handcrafters and high-end manufacturers, we dedicate ourselves in finding the best and most unique pieces at the best possible prices.

Light Design and Consultancy

Proper lighting is essential to bring out the “joie de vivre” within your interiors. This also applies to any exterior lighting that livens up a place or a production event. With professional lighting as one of our areas of expertise, Porta Galleria is the name to trust.

3D Image and Video Rendering

See your project plans and aspirations come to life with realistic 3D architectural renditions, even months before its completion. That is service par excellence. Porta Galleria has CGI experts who will render your projects with such strict and thoughtful attention to details, so that the final output resembles the real one in a very realistic manner.

Automation Systems

The modern times calls for advanced automation systems to make your home and business more secure, efficient and controllable right under your fingertips. Porta Galleria is a certified and licensed automation specialist that will simplify your indoor and outdoor automation needs, from automatic heating and ventilation, lighting, awnings, entry up to smart security and safety installations. Just to make this even more attractive, all our automation products are strictly made in Italy, and come with an out-of-competition 2 years limited warranty.